R. Bruinekreeft

Hi, I’m Rens Bruinekreeft. Dutch Visual Designer who loves to make things simple, but brilliant.

About me

30 year old Visual Designer who loves to create new and refreshing interfaces for the web. Currently working at Gravity Agency.

  • 2017 - Present

    Gravity, Visual Designer

  • 2015 - 2017

    Suite Seven, Visual Designer

  • 2014 - 2015

    Freelancer, Graphic Designer

Some of the brands I worked with

Riedel - Coolbest Mobile Website
BookThat - Book your favorite artist on www.bookthat.nl
Stapp.in - Redesign 2019 (in development)
Crossfit Nijkerk - Branding and website
Snelle Jelle - Restyling Website
Riedel - Van de Boom Brand Website
KRO / NCRV - Illustrations and Website
Autovakmeester - Website
Autovakmeester - Order Flow
Riedel - Taksi Brand Website
Riedel - Taksi Detail
Riedel - Create your own Appelsientje flavor on www.proef.online
Triple8 - Subtitle your social videos with www.triple8.tv
Brouwer Maatkeukens - Showcase Website
Discovery Channel - Flex App (in development)
Innocent - Website (in development)
Walvis Investment Group - Corporate website
iBarracuda - Website
Peijnenburg - Redesign 2019
Gravity - Website 2019 (in development)
Riedel - Appelsientje Boomhut Actie (expired)
Relay - Branding
Shell - Helix Hero App